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ACE Movement Grants (formerly “Effective Animal Advocacy Fund”) is for anyone who is interested in making the animal advocacy movement more effective. ACE launched ACE Movement Grants in late 2018 for three main reasons:

We believe that a broad, pluralistic animal advocacy movement is more likely to be resilient—and hence more impactful—than a narrow, monistic animal advocacy movement. There is little evidence available supporting the effectiveness of any given intervention, and we think that the movement can increase its chances of success by continuing to fund a wide range of interventions. We think that building relationships with a larger group of advocates and charities will make our own work more effective by providing us with new information to consider and new groups with which to collaborate.

Donations to ACE Movement Grants will be distributed to promising projects around the globe working to reduce animal suffering. The annual disbursement will be determined by the review committee. Applications are accepted.