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ACX Grants is a grant program overseen by Scott Alexander, the author of Astral Codex Ten.

ACX Grants is aiming to fund projects that could make the world a better place, but might not be able to catch the attention of more traditional funders. A non-exhaustive list of things Scott is planning to fund would include projects that:

  • help address global poverty, global health challenges, mental health issues, animal welfare issues, or global climate change.
  • move forward innovative and potentially socially beneficial technologies and ideas, even if these are very speculative.
  • help understand and prepare for potentially disruptive future events, like pandemics or the advent of AGI
  • improve the academic, governmental, and decision-making institutions that work on these other causes
  • help do basic research, awareness-raising, or meta-level work that could eventually lead to one of the above

For more information, please see Scott's announcement post