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Dispensers for Safe Water program, from Evidence Action, delivers free and reliable access to safe water for 4 million people in rural Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi.

In rural parts of low-income countries, most water sources are untreated, meaning that water is not safe to drink directly from the source. Evidence Action's uniquely-engineered chlorine dispensers are installed next to commonly-used water sources, enabling people to treat their water using a safe and pre-measured dose of chlorine. The chlorine stays active for 2-3 days, ensuring water doesn’t get recontaminated even when stored at home. Adding diluted chlorine to water is a WHO-endorsed approach to improving water quality.

Dispensers for Safe Water is a cost-effective solution - just under $1.50 delivers safe water access to one person for an entire year. In 2019, their program averted over 380,000 cases of diarrhea among children, one of the main causes of childhood mortality in the countries where they operate.