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Capitalizing on an Urgent Window of Opportunity for Farmed Animals in the EU

This year, the European Union will fully reevaluate its farmed animal standards for the first time in a decade — giving activists the chance to set a new precedent worldwide. There’s a significant opportunity for impact here; the EU has a huge market for animal-derived food products from abroad, which means it can shape international standards. 

Animal advocates may have the most impact during the formative stages here—happening October through December of this year. Given that, this regranting project will prioritize work happening in countries that are pivotal to ensuring cage-free proposals remain strong. Your participation in this project will go towards vetted, highly impactful nonprofits that could really make all the difference. 

Please join your fellow FAF members in contributing to this project. We’re optimistic that $1.5 million now would really move the needle and ensure the strongest standards worldwide for farmed animals. Please contact Kieran or Mikaela for more information or with any questions.