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Established in 2000, Faunalytics conducts essential research, maintains an online research library, and directly supports effective animal advocates and organizations in their work to save lives. The range of data Faunalytics offers helps animal protection organizations understand how people think about and respond to advocacy, providing advocates with evidence-based strategies that can lead to change for animals.

Faunalytics’ research studies are carefully selected, designed, and conducted to provide actionable and insightful data for the farmed animal protection movement. Their research prioritization process emphasizes tractable topics that can have a strong impact for animals for at least one of the following reasons: the topic touches on many animals, the research can be used by advocates in multiple cause areas, it addresses an urgent question, and/or it provides foundational research on a neglected topic. Projects that fall under more than one of the four impact types are particularly valuable to the movement as a whole.

Faunalytics’ has been an ACE Recommended Charity since 2015, and their research has been used by animal advocacy groups worldwide.