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Like other farmed animals, farmed fish suffer significantly under factory farming. Unlike other farmed animals, little work has been done to reduce their suffering. Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) is one of the first organizations working to change that.

FWI focuses specifically on Asia, because that’s where 90% of farmed fishes live and because they believe it is critical to help build the animal movement in Asia. There, they have projects in India, China, and the Philippines—the largest of which, in India, employs a local team of 5 full-time employees. FWI India Foundation works with farmers, corporations, and government agencies to improve fish welfare. Learn more about their scaleup plans in India here.

Previous donations to FWI have enabled the following key results in 2021 (as of Nov 29, 2021):

  • Estimated lives improved: 210,000 fish
  • Connections: Met with 18 government officials and 9 corporations in India.
  • Welfare Improvements R&D: Experimented with different welfare improvements for farmed carps in India.
  • Precedent: Secured India’s first corporate commitment for fish.
  • China: Invited to host the first ever fish welfare forum at China’s World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare (scheduled for April 2022).

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