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The Good Food Institute is an international nonprofit reimagining protein in order to build a global food system that is better for the planet, people, and animals. Meat can be produced more sustainably and efficiently by making it from plants or cultivating it from cells. Doing so will mitigate climate change, environmental degradation, food insecurity, and the rise of antibiotic resistance.

GFI is developing the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just protein supply. They identify the most effective solutions, mobilize resources and talent, and empower partners across the food system to make alternative proteins accessible, affordable, and delicious.

To maximize their impact and the effectiveness of their supporters’ contributions, GFI:

  • Cultivates and catalyzes research and development — GFI’s Science and Technology team provides a rigorous foundation for advancing the fundamental scientific breakthroughs that enable alternative proteins to succeed.
  • Influences governments — GFI’s Policy team works to secure government support for alternative protein research and advocates public policy and regulatory frameworks that place all proteins on a level playing field.
  • Engages the for-profit sector — GFI’s Corporate Engagement team partners with companies throughout the supply chain to identify the most impactful business activities that will grow the bottom line and advance the next generation of alternative proteins to compete with conventional animal products on the key drivers of consumer choice: taste, price, and convenience.
  • Executes a global strategy — Today’s food system transcends national borders: in order to achieve the permanent transformation of our food system, GFI executes a global strategy. In addition to its U.S. headquarters, GFI now has teams in Asia-Pacific, Brazil, Europe, India, and Israel.