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The Patient Philanthropy Fund (PPF) takes a patient approach to philanthropy: it invests contributions until the time is optimal for it to make large grants aimed at improving the long-term future.

This means that - in addition to identifying the highest-impact giving opportunities at any particular point in time - it aims to identify the point in time when the highest-impact opportunities are available, which may be years, decades, or even centuries ahead.

The PPF is currently incubated as a special trust within Founders For Good - the Founders Pledge UK entity. It is managed by a Management Committee consisting of purpose-aligned experts on timing of giving. Our aim is to further develop and grow it over the coming 10 years and eventually spin it out as a separate charitable entity.

Accumulated contributions will be transferred to the PPF at least once a year in January, or whenever more than $100,000 in contributions has accumulated. Funds are only invested once they are transferred to PPF.

More information can be found on the PPF's website.