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Sanku adds micronutrients that are scientifically proven to improve health and vitality into the food Africans eat the most. How?

  1. Sanku invented a dosifier, specifically designed for small, rural mills. Their dosifiers automate the process of adding a precise amount of critical nutrients into flour, thereby removing any risk of human error. They have installed dosifiers at over 400 mills ensuring that thousands of families can access flour that is consistently fortified with iron, zinc, folic acid and vitamin B12, micronutrients proven to be most critical for women and children within the first 1,000 days of life.

  2. Sanku offsets the cost of nutrients by bulk buying empty pink flour bags, which they sell to their partner millers to pack their flour. The savings from each flour bag are enough to cover the entire cost of the millers' nutrients and, at scale, they will cover Sanku's operating costs. This model allows their partner mills to fortify their flour at no added cost to themselves or their customers and ensures Sanku's long-term sustainability.

  3. Sanku monitors its partner millers’ dosifier use remotely through a cellular link and visits mills if dosifiers are not in use or need repair, as well as to restock their nutrients. Thanks to remote monitoring every Sanku staff member can supervise approximately 100 mills, enabling them to implement a slim and efficient staffing model.

Sanku plans to reach 25 million people in East Africa by 2025, which will prevent millions from death and disease, boost productivity, and save billions of dollars in GDP.