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To guarantee the survival and flourishing of civilization, extreme risks and the value of the long-term future has to be put in context for international policy actors to develop and prioritize appropriate policy responses.

The Simon Institute for Longterm Governance (SI) is a non-profit based in one of the few hubs for global governance: Geneva, Switzerland. While most think tanks focus on supplying information, SI specializes in supporting policy networks in processing the information overload, with a focus on the world’s most pressing problems. To achieve this, SI pursues the following activities:

  1. Supporting international civil servants and diplomats with training programs that simultaneously (i) facilitate group decision-making by practicing key skills and tools and (ii) foster an understanding of extreme risks and the significance of their mitigation (learn more about our theory of change);

  2. Supporting longtermist actors in their engagement with international policy processes through research, training and networking (learn more about policy engagement advice); and

  3. Analyzing international policy processes and how to improve their consideration of future generations (learn more about our research approach).