Awards Policy

From time to time, EA Funds makes awards in recognition of past charitable, scientific, educational, or civic achievement in the following areas:

  1. Animal welfare, alleviating the suffering of millions or billions of animals.

  2. Improving the long-term future, such as by reducing risks from artificial intelligence and engineered pandemics. 

  3. Growing or improving the effective altruism community.

We are looking for people who have made substantive contributions to the areas identified above. This includes notable publications, infrastructure, and other outcomes with significant marginal impact.

The recipients of these awards are selected from the general public. If you think you have an achievement that should be considered for an award, we encourage you to let us know by applying. The selection committee considers these applications, but is not restricted to consideration of actual submissions, and submission is not a condition to eligibility for the award.

These awards are granted in recognition of past achievement in our particular focus areas; it is not intended to finance any specific activities of the recipient and there are no conditions on the manner in which it may be expended by the recipient. The recipient is not required to render any substantial future services as a condition of receiving the award.