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Here’s how Effective Altruism Funds helps you give more effectively:
We recruit expert fund managers

Our fund managers have years of relevant experience. Meet our team.

You pick from our funds

All our funds and partner charities meet our high standard of careful analysis, inspired by effective altruism.

We find and evaluate high-impact opportunities

We receive applications from people and organizations globally that our fund managers carefully evaluate.

We make grants and share our reasoning publicly

We make grants throughout the year and share our reasoning via public grant reports. See past grants.

Why donate to our funds?

Spend less time researching where to donate.

You can trust the careful and transparent reasoning of our expert fund managers from the effective altruism community.

Give to opportunities not usually open to individual donors

Support academic research groups, time-sensitive opportunities, and new projects that don't solicit funds from individual donors

Donate flexibly and tax-efficiently.

Donations to the 4 EA Funds and our partner charities are tax-deductible in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. Learn more.

Our expert-led funds

Our fund managers allocate donations to the organizations or people they believe will have the biggest impact within their fund’s scope. We think most donors will make a bigger impact by donating to our funds rather than picking charities on their own.

Global Health and Development Fund

Donate to outstanding, evidence-based opportunities to provide better access to healthcare and economic development where it's needed most.

Usually supports: Established organizations

Decides using: Scientific evidence and fund managers’ judgment

Animal Welfare Fund

Donate to organizations and projects that will help alleviate the suffering of millions or billions of animals.

Usually supports: Early-stage and established organizations

Decides using: Organizational track record and fund managers’ judgment

Long-Term Future Fund

Donate to people or projects that aim to improve the long-term future, such as by reducing risks from artificial intelligence and engineered pandemics.

Usually supports: Individuals and organizations (includes speculative opportunities)

Decides using: Fund managers’ judgment

Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund

Donate to organizations or people that aim to grow or improve the effective altruism community.

Usually supports: Organizations and early-stage projects (includes speculative opportunities)

Decides using: Fund managers’ judgment

Fund managers you can trust

Our fund managers and staff have many years of experience managing and granting millions of dollars worth of donations securely, flexibly, and effectively. Get in touch anytime to discuss your next donation.

Have a high-impact project? Apply for funding.

If you have a project or organization that you think will improve the world, and it seems like a good fit for one of our funds, we encourage you to apply. Our funding is:

usually between $5,000-100,000, but can be as low as $1,000 or higher than $300,000

Open to individuals, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and other entities

Easy to apply for and makes fast grant decisions (usually within 21 days)

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Making a large donation? Get in touch with us.

We have advised dozens of large donors on strategic, high-impact philanthropy. We provide free donation advice for donations above $50,000. For smaller amounts, you can get in touch with us here, and we’ll link you to some resources.

Your one-stop shop for effective giving

In addition to our funds, you can support a broad range of carefully selected effective charities, with tax-deductibility in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.