Our team works hard to ensure you make the most effective donations possible. We have over 10 years combined experience managing large donations securely, professionally, and flexibly. We've collectively overseen tens of millions of dollars worth of donations to effective charities.

We're always happy to help — if there's anything that we can do to ensure you have a great experience donating through Effective Altruism Funds, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Jonas Vollmer

Jonas serves as the executive director at EA Funds. Before joining, he contributed as an advisor to the Long-Term Future Fund. He previously co-founded and led the Center on Long-Term Risk, a research group and grantmaker aiming to reduce long-term risks from artificial intelligence. He holds degrees in medicine and economics with a focus on public choice, health economics, and development economics. He previously ran a ballot initiative that doubled Zurich's development aid, helped launch an ongoing campaign to ban factory farming in Switzerland, and played a key part in establishing the effective altruism community in continental Europe.

Sam Deere

Sam is Head of Technology at EA Funds, and an EA Funds co-founder, building the first version of EA Funds at Y Combinator in 2017. Sam previously worked at the Centre for Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can, and as a political advisor in the Australian Federal Government.