Will the EA Infrastructure Fund make grants to the Centre for Effective Altruism or related projects?

EA Funds is a project of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), a registered non-profit which aims to build a strong effective altruism community. As such, it is a potential recipient of funding from the EA Infrastructure Fund.

The Centre for Effective Altruism has previously been granted funding from the EA Infrastructure Fund, both as unrestricted funding for general operations, as well as restricted funding for specific projects, in particular its EA Community Building Grants program. CEA may be a recipient of grants in the future. In addition, the Fund has granted to independent projects that are legally part of the Centre for Effective Altruism, including 80,000 Hours and the Forethought Foundation, and may do so in the future.

The EA Infrastructure Fund management team is independent of CEA, and CEA goes through the normal, public application procedure when applying for grants. Potential conflicts of interest are governed by the EA Funds Conflict of Interest policy, and Fund managers who are closely associated with potential grant recipients are required to recuse themselves from advocating for grants.