Why donate to Effective Altruism Funds?

Benefit from expertise

Each of our Funds focuses on a set of problems that are important, tractable, and neglected. They’re managed by experts in their respective fields.

Get lower fees

We use automation to keep our running costs low, and we don’t charge any fees for using the Funds. The only fees are those applied by payment processors, and we’ve negotiated for lower processing fees so that more of your donation goes directly to charity.

Play to your comparative advantage

Our Fund managers spend thousands of hours a year thinking and learning about how to use money to do the most good. Donating to Effective Altruism Funds allows you to take advantage of their work instead of trying to replicate it yourself.

Be part of a community

We are building a community of people focused on effectiveness and eager to solve the world’s most pressing problems. By joining the community and pooling our donations, we can coordinate more effectively.

High-leverage opportunities

By pooling our resources, we can also fund certain high-leverage opportunities that are only possible with larger sums of money. For example, we can fund early-stage charities that might need substantial support to get off the ground, or even encourage the creation of new charities by showing that money will be available to fund them. Together, we can have a greater impact than we could as individuals.

Help to measure movement growth

When more people donate to EA Funds, or use the platform to support individual charities, it helps CEA keep track of the movement's growth and priorities. Understanding the spread of effective altruism by requesting information from dozens of charities would be very difficult; a centralized donation platform makes this much easier.