What is a transaction hash (crypto transaction ID)?

A transaction hash (sometimes called a ‘transaction ID’ or ‘TXID’) is a string of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies a cryptocurrency transaction. 

We need you to tell us the transaction hash of your crypto transfer so that we can match it to your donation and ensure that it is allocated correctly.

Finding your transaction hash

Your wallet may display the transaction hash immediately after completing the transaction, but if not, you can usually see it by finding the transaction in your wallet’s transaction list and clicking ‘transaction details’ or ‘transaction info’.

If you can’t find your transaction hash, you could try searching for <name of your wallet or exchange> transaction hash.

If you still can’t find the transaction hash for your crypto donation, please get in touch so that we can finalize your transfer and send you your receipt.

Verifying your transaction hash

If you’ve made a crypto donation through EA Funds, you’ll need to verify it using the transaction hash. 

Verify your transfer by pasting your transaction hash into the field provided on the last step of the donation flow [1], and submitting the form [2]. If you’ve already closed or navigated away from the donation page, you can also open the verification page from the link in the email we sent you.

If your wallet is on another device (such as your mobile phone), you can click the ‘verify this transfer on another device’ link. This will let you open the verification page on the device where your wallet lives. We’ll also send you this link via email, so you can also just open it from there.

Crypto Donation Flow - Verify Transaction Hash