How do I donate crypto on EA Funds?

Donating cryptocurrency on EA Funds is simple:

Step 1. Head to our donate page, and pick the funds or organizations you’d like your donation to go to. You can donate to several organizations at once, and split your donation between them however you’d like.

Step 2. On the payment page, under the donation amount field, click the ‘Donate with crypto’ button

Crypto Donation Flow - Donate Crypto Button

Step 3. Select the cryptocurrency you’d like to donate in [1], and the amount [2]. You’ll see an estimate of how much your donation will be worth in fiat currency [3].

Crypto Donation Flow - Crypto Donation Data Entry

Step 4. Fill in the rest of the form (email address, data sharing consent etc.). When you’re ready, click ‘Confirm’ on the payment summary box.

Crypto Donation Flow - Payment Summary Page

Step 5. Transfer your cryptocurrency to the wallet address you see on the screen.

Crypto Donation Flow - Bitcoin Wallet Address

Step 6. Copy your transaction hash. This is a number that uniquely identifies your crypto transaction on the blockchain, and we need it to verify your donation. You should see it in your crypto wallet, attached to the transaction you’ve just made.

Step 7. Verify your transfer by pasting your transaction hash into the field provided [1], and submitting the form [2]. This is important: if you don’t tell us your transaction hash, we won’t be able to allocate your donation properly.

If your wallet is on another device (such as your mobile phone), you can click the ‘verify this transfer on another device’ link. This will let you open the verification page on the device where your wallet lives. We’ll also send you this link via email, so you can also just open it from there.

Crypto Donation Flow - Verify Transaction Hash

That’s it! You should receive your email receipt in the next 10-20 minutes, depending on how long it takes the transfer to confirm on our end (though please allow up to two hours).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.